About us

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CQ Cultural Consulting is a social enterprise guided by a mission to improve cultural intelligence and social harmony

We support government and businesses to develop culturally diverse and inclusive practices and programs. We specialise in working with organisations to ensure legislation, policies and projects improve social outcomes in a culturally diverse community.

CQ Cultural Consulting aims to drive social impact and change by:

  • empowering organisations to promote diversity and inclusion, and in doing so, achieve better business and community outcomes
  • building the capacity and confidence of diverse young people by supporting the work of the Western Young People’s Independent Network (WYPIN) 

Our Vision

To create an Australia where diversity is understood, valued and celebrated.

Our Mission

To offer services that are designed to build cultural intelligence (also known as CQ) in Australian businesses, organisations, communities and people.

Our Values

Our values underpin who we are, what we do, and every decision we make. We are:

  • Dynamic – We embrace the challenges of change and think differently to develop new solutions. In an ever-changing, complex environment, we are nimble, forward-thinking, resilient and responsive
  • Driven – We are committed to the pursuit of success and the achievement of shared goals. We approach every project and every day with passion and energy.
  • Diverse – Our team is diverse: culturally, professionally and individually. We understand the multiple narratives that inform identity – and see uniqueness as opportunity. We are actively committed to realising the benefits of difference.

Our Story

CQ Cultural Consulting started through the work of the Western Young People’s Independent Network (WYPIN); a youth-led advocacy and empowerment organisation led by refugee and migrant young people in Melbourne’s west. In 2014, to continue the important work of WYPIN, a financially sustainable model of operating was needed to reduce reliance on philanthropic and government funding.

The WYPIN Committee of Management reflected on the rich, authentic cultural capital that its members possessed. It scoped the feasibility of commercialising this knowledge and expertise through providing services to build organisational cultural capability. A business plan was developed and start-up capital was secured to establish ‘CQ Cultural Consulting’. 

In 2015, CQ Cultural Consulting was launched to initially deliver training. We quickly recognised greater opportunities to support cultural intelligence were needed, and we expanded our services to include consulting, research and resource development.

Today, CQ Cultural Consulting delivers consulting and research services to a range of large, complex organisations spanning the government, corporate and community sectors.

Get in touch to discover how we can support cultural intelligence in your organisation.