CQ Cultural Consulting


CQ Cultural Consulting works in partnership with government, businesses and communities to improve cultural intelligence and engagement.

Through tailored consultancy, research and training, our highly skilled, trusted consulting team develops culturally diverse and inclusive practices and programs that drive awareness and inclusion.

We offer tailored consultancy based on your needs – learn more about our services today.

  • About us
    CQ Cultural Consulting is a social enterprise guided by a mission to improve cultural intelligence and social harmony.
  • Our services
    Our consulting and research services support organisations to drive cultural awareness, inclusion and change.
  • Our clients
    CQ Cultural Consulting delivers consulting and research services for organisations across the government, corporate and community sectors.
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    Get in touch with one of our consultants to find out how your organisation can benefit from our services.

Blog posts from our team on LinkedIn

Cultural Intelligence: Avoid the Top 5 Workplace Mistakes

by Merie Polkamp
The ability to operate effectively in a multicultural setting is vital to our success. Regardless of whether you just started the journey of developing cultural intelligence, or you’re a veteran in the field, making mistakes is part of the process. Here are the top 5 most common mistakes and what you can do to avoid them. Read more on LinkedIn...

4 Key Strategies to Manage Conflict in a Culturally Intelligent Way
by Rana Ebrahimi
When we come together to work as teams, and as part of organisations, we each bring our whole selves. Our skills, experiences and expectations – combined with our culture and values – shape and drive our interactions with colleagues. Read more on LinkedIn...

4 Tips to Increase Your Organisation’s Cultural Intelligence 
4 Tips to Increase Your Organisation’s Cultural Intelligence
by Merie Polkamp
Today’s world is rapidly changing and whether an organisation will thrive, rather than just survive, depends on its ability to embrace change. With globalised markets, the ability to work effectively across cultures has become a key ingredient to business success. Read more on LinkedIn...

Why culturally intelligent workplaces perform better
Why culturally intelligent workplaces perform better
by Stefanie Abrahams
Cultural intelligence encompasses the knowledge, awareness, skills, practices and processes that enable organisations and individuals to function effectively and respectfully in situations characterised by cultural diversity. Why should you care about cultural intelligence? Not only does improved cultural intelligence promote inclusion and respect – it drives results. Read more on LinkedIn...